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eKuore Pro : Teaching Kit - Digital Stethoscope

The eKuore Pro Teaching Kit is the perfect solution for Medical Professors and residents tutors during the auscultation process.

Using the Teaching Kit, yours students will improve the learning process by listening recordings of real cases and /or by listening live up to 6 people at a time  without bothering the patient at all.



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Heartisense - CPR Training


HeartiSense is an IoT product which consists of apps and a sensor kit that can be attached to a manikin that currently has no CPR feedback function. HeartiSense makes existing CPR manikins much smarter so that you can have a whole new training experience. It also provides immersive training environment which enables more accurate and efficient training.



cprCube - CPR Training



cprCube is our Entry-level CPR training device which provides various feedback using sound, light, vibration, etc. cprCube consists of a cube-shaped device which provides realtime feedback and an app that interlocks with the hardware device which enables the trainee to have effective and focussed training session.